"It wasn’t until André Jackson appeared as the older Simba that the story of the formerly lost lion cub turned king really took off. While a veteran of The Lion King, Jackson just recently assumed the mantle of the role and offers a commanding presence."
-from "The Lion King revisit"
~Steve Loucks
"The cast in this show - one of seven productions playing worldwide - is impressive. The kids who play the young Simba and Nala, Elijah Johnson and Jamariana Tribble, were energetic and adorable, and their older counterparts, André Jackson and Marja Harmon, had incredible voices and played their respective roles convincingly.

Jackson's rendition of "Endless Night," the beautiful song where Simba laments the loss of his father, is emotionally charged and powerful."
-from 'Lion King' roars anew
~Juliet Pennington, The Boston Globe
"André Jackson delivers a stunning performance"
~F. Kathleen Foley, The Los Angeles Times
"André Jackson is youthful vigor personified as the grown cub prince Simba, and he and Dan'yelle Williamson (as lioness Nala) pair nicely in the love duet "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?"
-from "'Lion King' lavishly comes to life at Paramount"
~Gianni Truzzi, The Seattle PostGlobe
"Watching André's exploration is a pleasure".
~Joe Garcia, Director-South Coast Repertory
"Andre Jackson is an accomplished and award-winning actor, as well as a gifted writer who has been making some noise as of late with his film and TV projects.  This Los Angeles-NY-Memphis talent  was kind enough to enlighten us regarding his writing and historical and societally-relevant pilot Boley U.S.A."
Link to Q & A article: CLICK HERE
Little did screenwriter, Andre Jackson, know that when he wrote about the town of Boley, Oklahoma - one of at least 50 towns in the state that were established by freed slaves in the 19th century and early 20th century, and one of only 13 towns that still exist - that he would win an award for best teleplay pilot at the 2020 Filmmatic Screenwriters Competition, and then later be so embraced by the residents of Boley, that they would make him their honorary Grand Marshal at their 118th Rodeo and Barbecue Festival in 2021. CLICK HERE to read more...
"When Simba becomes a teenager, a muscular André Jackson takes over. Initially it's his physique that impresses but soon it's apparent this is one talented man. His agility is matched by a thrilling voice but, more importantly, he captures the innocence and exuberance of a teenager."
-from "Roar wildly for this Lion-King among musicals doesn't disappoint"
~Louis B. Hobson, The Calgary Sun
"André wants it...he'll get it...TALENTED!"
~James Luisi, Emmy® Award Winning Actor/Director
"André Jackson (Simba) delivered a phenomenal performance and truly embraced his role. It was very obvious that he put his heart and soul into every move he made on stage and his rendition of "Endless Night" was so passionate and heartfelt that he's arguably the most expressive performer this Phillyist has ever seen."
-from "The King has returned"
~Pamela Charles, The Phillyist Daily News
"The older Simba and Nala (André Jackson, Marja Harmon) really make the story congeal. Their lovely voices, compelling stage presence and credible connection bring heart to the story."
-from ‘Lion King,’ ‘Joyful,’ ‘Folly’
~Pat Launer, San Diego Jewish Journal
"The young-adult Simba, played with an easy grace and pleasing vocal style by André Jackson, has to find a way to claim his rightful throne from Scar and his braying hyena buddies, and reunite with Nala."
-from "Human touch from deft cast brings life to ‘Lion King’"
~James Hebert, San Diego Union Tribune
"He shows pain, fear, and effects of years of injustice. Yes (André) is talented enough to portray all those emotions simultaneously without even speaking."
~Jennifer Bihm,The Los Angeles Sentinel on"Scottsboro Boys"