by Andre Jackson on September 21st, 2013

In 2011, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that they would be hiking up their prices and splitting the company into two separate divisions - one for streaming only and the other for old fashioned mailed DVDs. As result, the company lost 800,000 subscribers and it's stock dropped 30% in a matter of weeks.  Many predicted that, for Netflix, it was the end.  Here we are in 2013, now fully aware that it was only the beginning.

After backpedaling on the idea to split the company and drastically change prices, Netflix has rebounded in a huge way by offering some of the most dynamic and groundbreaking programming available today.  House of Cards, the Netflix Original Series, is nominated for multiple Emmys this year. Then, there's the new hit series Orange Is The New Black and the revival of the hilarious critic and fan favorite Arrested Development all only available on - that's right - Netflix.

The latest (and hands down my favorite) addition to Netflix's collection of original programming is Derek.  Ricky Gervais, the brilliant and frequently controversial comedian and creator behind shows like The Office and Extras, is at the top of his game in this show. Coincidentally, a few days before starting my 7 episode Derek binge, I posted a link on my Facebook page where Gervais talks about how he learned to write. Check it out HERE.) I could go on and on about the groundbreaking genius of both Netflix and Gervais and how the pairing of the two have created a show that is equally hilarious, heartbreaking and uplifting but it'd be better if you'd just see for yourself. Look, I'll make it easy for you...CLICK HERE.

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